Rudi Stahl (1918-1987) Hand Potted vessel

Rudi Stahl (1918-1987) Hand Potted vessel

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Date: - Circa 1960s/70

Materials: – German  Clay; An Advantage For Potters! The extensive clay quarries of the Westerwald region are the largest connected deposits in Europe. Only a few other regions in the world are known to have clay sources of comparable size and quality. Around 15 different types of clay occur here, including a very valuable white clay also known as “white gold”. The Westerwald clay has a high degree of ductility, is almost free of impurities and has very good sintering properties. These clays are perfectly suited for stoneware production, a high fired, waterproof, acid-resistant, impermeable pottery. The clay was easily kneaded, thrown, deformed as well as knitted, melt, beaten and whipped. It is a serious partner to the potter reacting to any treatment. 

Country of Origin: – Germany,  Höhr-Grenzhausen

Description: – A striking studio pottery vase made by Rudi Stahl in his Höhr-Grenzhausen studio in the 1960s/70. The flat globular shaped, handled vase/vessel has a great form and a very tactile bubbling variegated blue textured glaze. The striking simplicity of this piece is its merit. Rudi Stahl's work sits superbly in a group of vessels. The item could be used as a candle holder or for simple floral arrangements.

Size & Weight: – The vessel is approximately 12cm tall and weighs 810g

Condition: –  This stoneware vessel is in excellent condition without any chips, cracks, losses or restoration to the body or decoration. 

Photography: –  There are several areas of slight discolouration which is caused by light and the photography. The colour is actually a little more earthy.

History & Marks:–  This example is signed and marked handmade  and dates from early 1960s/70. Whilst no one could say that this piece is a one off study. However, one could say that, although you may come across another example. One would quickly realise that each one stands alone –  ‘it is a one off’. I state this because the outcome of each piece of studio pottery depends deeply on how it is placed in the kiln and moreover, how it reacts during the firing. Very few studio pieces are totally identical.

Further Information:- 

Rudi Stahl (1918-1987)

  • 1918 - Born in Westerwald
  • 1933-35 Studied pottery under Wim Mühlendyck 
  • 1936 Took his finals exam after 1 year
  • 1937 - 1939 Attended State Ceramic Technical School, Höhr-Grenzhausen
  • 1937 Attending the Ceramic College & worked in other small potteries. 

Awards & Exhibitions:

  • 1938 Masters Certificate & founded his own Pottery in Höhr-Grenzhausen
  • 1938 Won awards for his pottery at National Youth Awards. 
  • 1967
  • 1969 Exhibited at Overstlzenhaus Cologne
  • 1970 Exhibited Galerie Handwerk Munich
  • 1971 Rudi won The Federal Outstanding Achivement Award 
  • 1972 Exhibited Chamber of Crafts Kaiserslautern
  • 1973 Gained The Westerwald Prize for Ceramic work 
  • 1974 Exhibited in Cologne & Bonn 
  • 1975  Won the Westerwald Ceramic Prize
  • 1976 Federal Cross of Merit
  • 1977 Won the Westerwald Ceramic Prize
  • 1980 Won Golden Medal of Honour for his work in the Ceramic industry

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