Rudi Stahl (1918-1987)


Rudi Stahl was born in Westerwald, Germany. He studied in Höhr Grenzhausen at the Wim Mühlendyck Pottery from 1933-35; attending the State Ceramic Technical School from 1937-39. While at the State School he also worked at various small potteries, gaining his Masters Certificate and founding his own pottery, also in Höhr Grenzhausen in 1938, which proved to be an eventful year, including winning awards for his own pottery at the National Youth Awards.

Other notable events include:

  • Exhibited at Overstlzenhaus Cologne
  • 1970 – Exhibited Galerie Handwerk Munich
  • 1971 – Won The Federal Outstanding Achievement Award
  • 1972 – Exhibited Chamber of Crafts Kaierslautern
  • 1973 – Gained the Westerwald Prize for Ceramic work
  • 1974 – Exhibited in Cologne and Bonn
  • 1975 – Won The Westerwald Ceramic Prize
  • 1976 – Awarded The Federal Cross of Merit
  • 1977 – Won The Westerwald Ceramic Prize
  • 1980 – Won Golden Medal of Honour for his work in the Ceramic Industry

Oriental influences can be seen in some of the forms and glazes Rudi Stahl developed and used. His work is in museums and private collections around the globe.