Heinz Theo Dietz


Heinz Theo Dietz was born in Cologne in 1938. From an early age he was more interested in working with his hands rather than academic work.
In 1960 Graduated as a Ceramic engineer, Technical School, Hohr-Grenzhausen. During his studies he met his future wife Katherina Muhlendyk (daughter of Wim & Bita Muhlendyk) and married in 1965.

Also in 1965 he opened first pottery, and has always been known as a true artisan potter. In 1969 he moved to Konigswinter (Westerwald) and founded a new pottery with Katherina, working with typical salt glaze work; and later porcelains with crystal and sparkling glazes.
He founded JKK Artists Community (Community Konigswinterer artist) in 1977, and participated in numerous exhibitions.
He was awarded a State Prize in Ceramic Design in 1985.

In 2003, the pottery transferred to daughter

In 2008, a retrospective exhibition was held – in his 70th year.