Gerhard Liebenthron (1925-2005)

Gerhard Liebenthron’s work can be found in several museums in Germany. the Keramik Museum in Berlin, the Focke Museum in Bremen and the Hetiens Museum in Düsseldorf for example. He was a member of the Arts & Crafts Working Group in Bremen.

Liebenthrons work is not rare but there are examples of his work that are very desirable and collectable – especially those made in the Picassoesque designs, idiosyncratic forms and expressive decors & glazes. His work often provokes pareidolic imagery (seeing additional / illusional images within the design or glazes).

Since Gerhard Liebenthron death in 2005 his work has begun to be recognised and collected. Pieces can be bought for under a hundred pounds or the rarer pieces can reach several hundred pounds.

Key dates include:

  • 1925 Born In Neustrelitz Germany
  • *1948-19551 – Studied Studied at the North German Art College in Bremen in the pottery class of Else Krieg and Dorothea Colberg-Tjadens
  • *1951 – Became Assistant of Sculptor Prof. Goersemann
  • *1952 – Opened his own Pottery workshop in Bremen and soon began to show his work at numerous National and International Exhibitions