Brownfield Celadon China Nursery Set

Brownfield Celadon China Nursery Set

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Stock Number: – OWA3105

Date: - Circa: Late 19th Century

Materials: – Brownfield Staffordshire Porcelain

Country of Origin: – Cobridge Staffordshire, England

Description: – A scarce nursery set with two ‘trembleuse’ cups and saucers, tea pot milk and sugar. The celedon-ground body is beautifully painted with Nursery Rhyme themes in the manner of Kate Greenaway and each piece is signed MAP to the underneath. 

Size & Weight: – The tea pot is 13cm tall and 21cm across from the spout to the handle, the milk is 12.5cm tall, the footed sugar is 7cm tall and 11cm across, finally the trembleuse is (cup 6.5cm tall & 6.75cm across the rim , the saucer is 13.75cm across and 3cm deep). The saucer has an impressed Brownfield mark to the base and each piece signed MAP.

Condition: – The porcelain, painting are in excdellent condition without any chips, cracks or restoration. The gilding is also in very good order. 

Photography: - Please look at the images as they show a true status of this delightful demitasse. There are some light reflections seen following the photography and are not discolourations to the glaze.

History & Marks: The porcelain saucers are marked with the standard impressed Brownfiled Mark & impressed 9/90

Declaration: This service is original Brownfield Celadon porcelain marked with the impressed Brownfield mark from the time period described. I have attempted to research the initals MAP and drew a blank. It makes me wonder if this set was decorated outside the pottery?

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