Herend Porcelain Moccatase cup & saucer

Herend Porcelain Moccatase cup & saucer

Code: OWA1784

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Stock Number: – OWA1784

Date: - Circa 1930s

Materials: – Herend Hungarian Porcelain

Country of Origin: – Hungary

Description: –An elegant Hungarian porcelain demitasse cup & saucer, the basket weave moulded body is painted in purple enamels with a study of a bouquet of tulips. The porcelain has the marks for the 1915-30s period.

Size & Weight: – The Mocca cup is 5cm tall & 6.5cm across the rim, the saucer is 11.5cm tall and the total weighs 130g.

Condition: – The first quality Herend porcelain is in excdellent condition without any chips, cracks or restoration. The gilding and painted flowers are in very good order without any rubs.

Photography: - Please look at the images as they show a true status of this delightful demitasse. There are some light reflections seen following the photography and are not discolourations to the glaze.

History & Marks: The cup and saucer have the marks for items made between 1915-30s 

Declaration: This demitasse is original Herend porcelain from the time period described. 

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