A Versailles shape Donath Dresden decorated chocolate cup & saucer

A Versailles shape Donath Dresden decorated chocolate cup & saucer

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Date: - Circa 1900

Materials: – Rosenthal porcelain & enamels from the Dresden decorating studio's of Donath & Co

Country of Origin: – Germany

Description: – A very fine chocolate cup & saucer decorated in the Dresden porcelain studios of Donath & Co. The porcelain blank was made at Rosenthal and the shape is known as the Versailles shape. Many Dresden decorating studios required fine quality porcelain to decorate their popular wares. Rosenthal and others were happy to supply. The fluted body is beautifully painted with swags and festoons of delicate summer flowers suspended from a gilt border. The painting and gilding are in excellent order. 

Size & Weight: – The cup is 8cm tall & 7.5cm across the rim, the saucer is 13.5cm across. The whole weighs 195g 

Condition: – Cabinet Piece. The first quality, porcelain is in excellent condition without any chips, cracks or restoration. The gilding is also in very good order.

Photography: Please look at the images as they show a true status of this delightful chocolate cup & saucer. There are some light reflections seen following the photography and are not discolourations to the glaze.

History & Marks: This chocolate cup and saucer have two marks. The first which is slightly obliterated is from the Rosenthal Porcelain manufactory.  The shape is known as "Versailles" and was sold to Donath & Co in the white and bears the Rosenthal marks used between 1898-1906. The other mark shows a crown and the words Dresden below.  This identifies it as a piece from the decorating studio of Donath & Co and dates between 1893 -1916.

Declaration:– This chocolate cup & saucer are original Rosenthal porcelain from the time period described and painted in the Dresden studios of Donath & Co. 


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