Sheffield 1881 Silver Christening Mug

Sheffield 1881 Silver Christening Mug

Code: MGLD4

£160.00 Approx $199.25, €186.7

Stock Number: – MGLD4

Date: - Sheffield 1881

Description: A fine late 19th century silver Christening mug with detailed engraving. Made in Sheffield 1881by HW Atkin

Size & Weight: – The Christening mug is 8cm tall to the tip of the handle and 5.5cm across the rim and weighs 65g = 2.08ozT.

Condition: – The Christening mug has had the initials removed from the cartouch in the past. There are very minor surface scratches to the silver following 140 years of love, care & cleaning.

Photography: - Please look at the images as they show a true status of the Christening mug. The silver looks dark but this is just  light reflections/distortions seen following the photography and are not discolourations to the silver.

History & Marks:– The silver is stamped with the assay marks for Sheffield 1881 for the silversmiths HW Atkin.

Declaration:– This item is an original Christening mug from the period stated.  


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