Wilhelm Wagenfeld WMF Glass decorated in silver by Friedrich Spahr

Wilhelm Wagenfeld WMF Glass decorated in silver by Friedrich Spahr

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Stock Number: – OWA3294

Date: - Circa 1950s

Materials: –  Pale green (tourmailne/Rauchglas) glass & Pure Silver Overlay from the Schwåbisch Gmünd silver studios of Friedrich Spahr

Country of Origin: – Germany

Description: – A striking WMF vase designed by Wilhelm Wagenfeld and decorated in the Schwäbisch Gmünd silver studios of Friedrich Spahr with a simple but striking modernist design of bands of silver overlay upon the smoke glass body. 

Size & Weight: – The vase is 30cm tall and 14cm across the rim and the whole weighs 2220g 

Condition: – The glass vase and silver are in great condition without any chips, cracks, losses repairs of restoration. This vase has just been used for decorative purposes only. Obvious very light surface scratches due to cleaning the silver over the past 70 years. 

Photography: The glass vase and silver are in excellent condition the slight colour discolouration and light spots seen on the body of the vase are  made in the photography and does not represent any changes to the body colour in reality. 

History & Marks: The silver is stamped Spahr 1000 to the low aspect of the foot rim. Occassionally we do get pieces of silver overlay glass marked with the glass producers label. Sadly the glass is not marked. However, historically we do know that Friedrich Spahr, Friedrich Deusch and Manfred Veyhl (all producers of silver overlay products), did buy most of their porcelain and glass in the blank. In this case A large amount of glassware came from WMF  in Geislingen which is not far from the Schwäbisch Gmünd studios of Friedrich Spahr. Equally an amount of glass to be overlaid also came from Jean Beck a famous glass designer in Munich. For a more detailed look at the history of silver overlay follow the link highlighted below.

Declaration:– This vase approximately 70 years old and is as described.


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