A striking modernist inspired summer punch bowl by Heinz Theo Dietz

A striking modernist inspired summer punch bowl by Heinz Theo Dietz

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Date: - Circa 1970/80

Materials: – German Westerwald Clay; An Advantage For Potters! The extensive clay quarries of the Westerwald region are the largest connected deposits in Europe. Only a few other regions in the world are known to have clay sources of comparable size and quality. Around 15 different types of clay occur here, including a very valuable white clay also known as “white gold”. The Westerwald clay has a high degree of ductility, is almost free of impurities and has very good sintering properties. These clays are perfectly suited for stoneware production, a high fired, waterproof, acid-resistant, impermeable pottery. The clay was easily kneaded, thrown, deformed as well as knitted, melt, beaten and whipped. It is a serious partner to the potter reacting to any treatment. 

Country of Origin: – Germany, Königswinter 

Description: – Summertime is not far away! - A striking modernist inspired summer punch bowl, cover & 8 beakers made in the Königswinter studios of Heinz Theo Dietz. The body is decorated with a distinctive innovative design in sgraffito & impressed type decoration.

Size & Weight: – The punch bowl is 26cm tall & 30cm across at widest point, the 8 beakers are similarly decorated and are 7cm tall. Studio marks to bases.

Condition: – The punch bowl, cover and beakers are is in excellent condition without any chips, cracks, losses or restoration to the body or decoration. 

Photography: – The photographs are a true likeness of the punch set, there may be some slight changes in colour against the real piece or light reflections.

History & Marks:–  All pieces are maked the studio marks of Heinz Theo Dietz. Heinz was born in Cologne 1938 - following studies he opened his first pottery in 1965 with his wife Katherina (Muhlendyk) and moved to Königswinter where they opened their new pottery. He has exhibited extensively and won numerous awards: 1985 State Prize for Ceramic Design. 2008 last major retrospective exhibition.  His daughter Veronica now runs the pottery)

Declaration:- This Summer Punch set is as described in the description and dates from the time period highlighted.

Further Information:- If you would like further information about Heinz Theo Dietz work and biography - please go to the information page, Click on the Biographies Page where you will see his name, Click on the image and the information will appear. 

The set can be seen in our cabinets 2a & 3a at The Hemswell Antique Centre, 

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