Mid Century Meissen Cup & Saucer - 70 Years Old

Mid Century Meissen Cup & Saucer - 70 Years Old

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Date: - The Porcelain Has Year Code Marks for 1953-57

Materials: – Since the beginings of Meissen porcelain which can be dated back to experiments in 1708. The quality and production of Meissen porcelain has its beginnings in the manufactory’s own mine near the city of Meissen, where the purest kaolin is sourced day after day. This white clay is the key to the striking radiance of Meissen porcelain. The precise blending of kaolin with native feldspar and quartz has been refined in Meissen over the past 300 years and is still completed by hand to this day.

Country of Origin: – Germany

Description: – A beautiful mid-century Meissen porcelain demitasse cup and saucer. Each piece is beautifully painted with a spray of summer flowers. The porcelain has First quality marks.

Size & Weight: – The demitasse cup is 5cm tall and 6.5cm across the rim, the saucer is 11cm across. The whole weighs 150g.Condition: – This beautiful First choice 70 year old demi is in super cabinet condition. There are no chips, cracks, hairlines, crazing, losses or restoration. The gilding and band of flowers are bright and crisp. See images.

Photography: - Please look at the images as they show a true status of this delightful demitasse. There are some green light reflections seen on one image following the photography and are not discolourations to the glaze.

History & Marks: The porcelain is marked with the standard Meissen crossed swords but has a blue mark close to the foot rim under the swords. This mark indicates the time period 1953-57. A good Reference Book on Meissen Porcelain was written by Robert E Röntgen in 1984 called The Book of Meissen ISBN 10: 0887400140 / ISBN 13: 9780887400148 Published by Schiffer Publishing Ltd, Pennsylvania, 1984

Declaration: This demitasse is original Meissen porcelain from the time period described. 

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