An outline of some of the key studio potters working in Germany during the mid and latter part of the 20th Century, and early 21st Century. Click the image for biographical information on each potter.

Image of Elfriede Balzar-Kopp (1904-1983) German studio potter

Elfriede Balzar-Kopp (1904-1983)

Heinz Theo Dietz (1938-)

Klothilde Giefer-Bahn (1924-2008)

Gerhard Liebenthron (1925-2005)

Picture of Wim Mühlendyck (1905-1987) the German studio potter.

Wim Mühlendyck (1905-1987)

photo of Rudi Stahl (1918-1987) the German studio potter

Rudi Stahl (1918-1987)